Work Day Pick-Me-Ups

Congrats, you made it to work! That’s the first step. The hard part follows as the day progresses and your energy level is on a continuous decline. Whether your back starts to ache, heels begin to form blisters, and/or eyes become heavy, the option to go home and nap is not in the cards. Although any solution I suggest is nearly impossible to equate to that nap, a few (healthy) pick-me-ups might do for a temporary fix.  


Lets be very clear, this doesn’t mean you have to do a full-on, sweaty workout. A short, “brain break” to get your body moving and blood flowing will do the trick. This can be a quick walk outside, a lap around the building, or even small stretch in your personal office. Allow yourself to disconnect from the computer, ground yourself in a peaceful environment, and regroup your focus to finish the day.


I get it, some days the only solution is an XL coffee (or two) with a side of a sugary energy drink. However, turning this from a once in a while desperation, to an everyday habit can be dangerous. Our bodies are in constant need of water and whole foods; We are not superhuman with the ability to be fueled solely by caffeine. Drink a bottle water right when you wake up in the morning and keep a couple in your workspace to drink throughout the day.

            Tip: try squeezing fresh lemon juice or adding fresh fruit to your water to enhance the taste. 


Don’t bottle things up. Eventually, even the small things, will build to something greater and cause for a bottled-up explosion. If you’re not comfortable picking up the phone and talking to a friend, family member, or co-worker about the stress/emotions you’re enduring, write it down in a journal. Whichever way works best for you, pause your work load for a few essential minutes and do it. Allow yourself to change temporary feelings into a positive solution.  

Pack Healthy

Having healthy, non-messy snacks readily available at your desk will work to avoid the “hangry” version of you reaching the surface when your workload minimizes the time to eat a full lunch. This will also help to curve those unhealthy habits of going to the closest café for a bag of chips and ho-ho cakes. (Tempting, I know but those sugary treats are actually going to make you feel more sluggish than before). 

Perfect solution: Get an office at Share Birmingham! We have the healthy snacks, water, and coffee covered. The best part? It’s all complimentary. Stop in for a tour today!

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