Win Your Morning, Win Your Day

I’m sure if you asked any group of people if they actually liked waking up in the morning, most answers would be no; a hard no at that. So, it’s important to know, you are not alone. There is an immense pressure of showing up and being ready to perform at work, school, taking care of children, or whatever it may be for you personally; all of which adds to the lack of excitement we get to jump out of bed when the alarm goes off. Getting out of bed and starting the day is an inevitable part of our lives that we have to face head on every single morning. The good part? We get to choose how easy or difficult we make it, at least at the start. The importance of winning your morning is the essential step that establishes the foundation for the entire day ahead. A few simple tasks integrated into an everyday routine have the ability to make a notable difference. Win your morning, win your day. 

side note: You’re going to have a bad morning every once in a while, just strive for the good to outweigh the bad. 

Give yourself time

Time is precious. Without time, little to none of the tasks below will be completed if you’re forced to rush around in competition with the clock. Extra time allows for “me time; time to actually sit at the table and drink a warm cup of fresh-brewed coffee. This typically beats having to franticly pour coffee into a to-go cup only for it to spill on your white shirt, due to lack of hand space available from the plethora of other things you’re trying to carry. Time allows a quick chapter of an inspirational book to be read, the news to be watched, time to jot down three goals you wish to accomplish for the day. Time to pray, to meditate, time to express gratitude. Find your niche that gives your morning a soulful purpose and do that. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Reaching our daily water intake is easily missed yet is extremely essential for our bodies. Before you go to bed, try putting a water bottle or two on your nightstand and when you wake up, don’t leave your bed until the water is finished. Overnight the water will reach room temperature, which is not only better for our body, but will allow you to drink it faster. 

Make your bed

Sounds simple, but we make every excuse to avoid it. “What’s the point, I’m just going to mess it up tonight.” If you open your morning with an excuse for a 4-minute task, what other doors will that open for more excuses to flood in? If you have a little extra time, tidy up your room as well. A messy room resembles a messy life. Stay on top simple tasks, stay on top of your day. 

Wash your face

+  look at yourself in the mirror and say “it’s going to be a great day.” Manifesting your reality into existence is a real thing. Ok, back to washing the face- if you need a shower, go for it. However, showering the night before saves a lot of time and I’ve never really understood why people wait until the next morning after working all day to shower?? Don’t go to bed dirty. Washing your face with cold water allows that extra wake-me-up we all need. (Just please follow it up with a little lotion and chap stick to stay moisturized). 

Eat breakfast

Hate to break it to you, but a jelly filled donut and processed juice is not going to cut it. I get it, breakfast isn’t your thing. However, running solely on caffeine shouldn’t be either. Keep it light and simple. Try things like yogurt, nuts, fresh fruit, avocado toast, and overnight oats. We can all use a little help to kick start our day! 


We often get so caught up in our lives that we tend to take for granted the simple luxury of waking up to see another day. Ground yourself in your personal space before heading out to the fast-paced world waiting outside of the door. Speak what you’re grateful for to your spouse, your roommate, your pet, hey even yourself- just make sure it’s said out loud and with confidence.  

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by: Alexis Goff

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