How To Maximize Your Workspace

While some people may not realize how important your workspace can be, the way you set up your desk and workspace can increase (or decrease) your productivity. No one purposely wants a desk that inhibits making the most out of a work day, so here are 5 ways to spice up your work space which, in turn, will spice up your productivity.

1. Get Comfortable

This is step one. You can’t work hard if your back is aching or your eyes are strained. Invest in those large monitors and that ergonomic chair you have had your eyes on. These splurges are actually important for your ability to conduct business in the most productive way. If you are happy and comfortable at your desk, then you will be happy and comfortable working 110% each and every day.

Pro Tip: A stand-up desk is a way to take this comfort to a whole new level. Your back will thank you later.

2. Plants

Have you seen more foliage around the office recently? This is because there have been a lot of studies coming out that suggest plants actually help you be more productive. They keep the air purified, they help fight depression, and they can make your space aesthetically pleasing meaning you will want to sit at your desk for longer stretches of time. Get a cactus, get more hours in your work.

Pro Tip: Succulents require minimal care while still allowing you to reap 100% of the reward.

3. Leave clutter behind

This seems pretty self explanatory but a lot of people have issues getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Only keep what you use on an hourly basis out on your desk (like a mouse and computer monitor) and put daily/weekly and small stuff away in your drawers (like pens, paper, folders, etc). Anything you never use, get rid of it. Work is stressful, don’t let your desk chaos stress you out more.

4. Set up strategic decorations

While keeping the idea of a clutter-free desk in mind, chose 2-3 well-thought out pictures or decorations to keep around you. Think hard about what motivates you and set pictures out to remind you every single day of why you are working so hard. If you are working hard to provide for your family, put their pictures on your desk. Maybe you want to go on your dream vacation soon. Well, put up scenic pictures of that villa in Ibiza. Whatever tickles your drive, put it up on your desk to keep you motivated.

5. Get a Share office

Co-working will make your productivity sky-rocket. Instead of sitting by yourself on your phone during your breaks, you can network in the lounge area. Don’t have time to completely beautify your space? We put the time and effort into creating a beautiful space so you don’t have to. With comfortable office spaces and bright lighting to increase your productivity, you just need to bring the computer and the cactus. You will thank yourself later.

Pro Tip: Share has a fully stocked kitchen with plenty of snacks so even your meals will improve.

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