What is Co-Working?

Co-working is one of the trendiest buzzwords around the business world in 2020, but what does it actually mean?  

Quite literally, co-working is “the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge”.  Since 2005 when the first co-working space opened its doors, co-working spaces have increased in popularity.  With now over 35,000 co-working facilities, it is a trend that has taken the business world by storm.  It is now one of the fastest growing industries with an annual growth rate of 6%.  It is no wonder why almost all major corporations utilize a co-working community in some aspect.  A study found that employees in a co-working space were happier than those who do not partake in the co-working trend.  These co-workers have created a community for themselves that allows them to network, share creative ideas, and socialize with other innovative minds.

What does all of this mean to Share?

To Share, co-working is working in an office surrounded by other businesses that have a likeminded sense of community, entrepreneurship, and drive.  Whether you want to meet companies that can help your business expand, network with motivated individuals, or just share a coffee machine with someone and complain about Mondays, Share believes the best way to manage your office space is to surround yourself with these like-minded go-getters.  At the Share space in Downtown Birmingham, you can have an office space that is uniquely yours and embodies your company values while enjoying a common area that fosters innovation among other professionals in the Share community.

The Share space is a co-working facility that offers a creative space that will help you find the inspiration to push your business further through networking opportunities with innovative thinkers – who are located within ten feet of your office.

Some of the other benefits include a conference room available to book, free refreshments with a fully stocked fridge at all times, phone booths for private conversations, and ample space for private events.In today’s business world, it is imperative to take advantage of the business trend that benefits all who participate: co-working.

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